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A new year

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A new year brings new elan and new opportunities. 2012  has been great to KISS fans worldwide, with a great tour and wonderful new releases.

Destroyer [Resurrected], Monster and The Casablanca Singles Collection all bring something extra. All released in multiple formats (CD, Vinyl, Digital Download) and with that brings KISS back home with their record company Universal. Can't wait to see what lies ahead for us. Will we get more archive releases that will bring different mixes or even remixes and remasters to the market? What are we hoping for? Will the saturated bootleg market bring some nice gems to the market instead of re-releasing old bootlegs? We will have to wait and see what 2013 brings us, at least we will get KISS in Australia and Europe for the Monster Tour and at the end of 2012 we saw the first bootleg release form the South American Monster Tour.

With that  I promise to bring some new covers to the site as well, it seems that I have a little more time to devote to the site again and I hope that one of my contributors (red. Byron you are the best!) will be able to do some of his great reviews in 2013.

All that rests me is to wish everybody a great 2013 with lots of Rock 'N roll and fun!

Take care,


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