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DVD Spotlight - Largo, December 20 1977

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Well, that was a long commercial break....

Welcome to the latest and first addition of DVD Spotlight in 2012. The article that, (like I said in the previous issue) I dig out once every year (or so) when I get inspired to write again and/or find a bootleg worthy of adding to my review list. Shockingly, I discovered that I never reviewed a Love Gun era show and with both nights of Houston and Largo available I chose to shine a (spot)light on the holy grail of Largo 1977.

Having finally been leaked out to the mainstream collector's circle and myself being possibly the biggest Love Gun advocate on the web, I figured this was as good as any time to dust off the review goggles. I'm also on vacation and free time doesn't come as often as it used to so I'd better move or it will be 3 years since the last one or next one depending on how you view it. So with that said, I hope to entertain, educate, and make you laugh a little while we take a trip down memory lane December 20, 1977 in Landover (aka Largo) Maryland at the Capital Center

I'm using the amazing version done by Mick E. Gee (great job Mick as always on your upgrades!!), this version is a dual layer with the Kissology short version without a time code (of course) and featuring Rip & Destroy from the Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park movie. Once you click the bonus section hyperlink on that page you are then transported to a 2nd menu with the entire show with the time code and all this without the use of the Talisman. My how technology has changed, we know have blu ray and dual layer bootlegs...I remember doing this as Video Spotlight with VHS tapes and dual layer or blu ray were not even a sperm in the ball sack of technology at the time.  Tongue out

You Wanted The Best....well, you're settling for my review instead.


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