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Issue #4 Buenos Aires, Argentina April 5 2009

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Hey everyone in bootleg land it’s me the guy who writes once every few years as opposed to every month like he used to. Well, as you can see I finally got the itch to write again but mainly because nothing worth writing about has surfaced on DVD…..until now.


With the October 6th release date rapidly approaching and Sonic Boom set the explode all over Wal-Mart locations everywhere leaving a group of hyperactive Kiss fans with makeup, fragments of body parts, cupcakes, condoms and whatever else Wal-Mart sells all over the place.

It also marks the return of something else in September that only comes once every decade or so, a new Ace Frehley cd....taking that Frehley’s Comet thing a little too literally aren’t we Ace?

Anomaly looks promising from the one or two clips I have heard as does the Kiss disc but I am holding out 'til the release date to listen to full tracks as I decided to go old school with these releases.


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