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3 New DVD Covers...and not the last ones either

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Just uploaded 3 new DVD covers today (and yesterday). After a somewhat bad year and half for me I finally picked up were I left off about 18 months ago.

Having new hardware, life going great and being triggered by a fellow KISS fan who requested me to do a cover I started doing my thing again. The reqyest was the Oslo 2010 show..the requester send in some great pics and I did a cover that I am actually proud of.

From that one I picked up on a long almost forgotten project, Largo 77..that cover was basicly in the can around KISSmas 2008.... I picked it up last night and finished it, I hope you enjoy that one. The last one is the cover for Arnhem 2010, great show...I was there!

I am planning on doing more ofcourse, including finishing projects that abondonned or just started and never really finished.

For now enjoy what's uploaded.

Take care,


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