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How to print DVD and CD covers?

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Printing Artwork

The CDR and DVD Artwork that is on this site is intended to be printed out with a high resolution color printer.
Virtually all the artwork is 300dpi. The high resolution is?to offer the highest quality when printed out.

Over 500 covers are now available for download.


This has in turn caused a few problems, one of which being the now numerous questions on how to print this high res artwork correctly.

5,907" x 9,843 / 15 cm x 25 cm

Complete CD cover (front & back)

4.73" x 4.73" / 12 x 12 cm

Simple CD Front Cover

9.47" x 4.73" / 24 cm x 12 cm

Gatefold CD Front Cover

5.92" x 4.63" 15 cm x 11,8 cm

Back / Tray CD Cover

10.827" x 7.323" / 27,5 cm x 18,6 cm

DVD Case Cover

At least 90% of the cover art on this site has been correctly sized and edited for immediate printing.
But, there are some that aren't. You'll notice the uncorrected ones as they are usually off center scans.

One of the problems people have when printing out the artwork is that they use a program that isn't capable of printing the file.
Programs like web browsers print the screen image, not the source file. They translate the resolution of the file (300dpi) into the screen resolution.
That is why the high resolution artwork appears so big on the screen. If you are using a screen resolution of 1024x768, you screen resolution is 96dpi.
If you are still surfing at 800x600, the lowest res this site supports, your screen resolution is 72dpi. When web browsers see a 300 dpi file, they interpret it as 300dpi divided by 72or96dpi.
Hence while the file is under 5" inches, it takes up around 3-4 times that much screen real estate.

If you are printing and the output looks completely oversized, then you are using the wrong program for printing images.
Programs like Corel Photopaint, Adobe Photoshop, and other quality paint programs have no problem printing these files correctly.
There are several shareware and freeware file viewers on the internet that can also print these correctly. These programs print the image files directly to your printer.
Web browsers and other low quality apps print the screen image and not the file image. That is the fundamental difference between these apps.

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