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Issue #4 Buenos Aires, Argentina April 5 2009

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Hey everyone in bootleg land it’s me the guy who writes once every few years as opposed to every month like he used to. Well, as you can see I finally got the itch to write again but mainly because nothing worth writing about has surfaced on DVD…..until now.


With the October 6th release date rapidly approaching and Sonic Boom set the explode all over Wal-Mart locations everywhere leaving a group of hyperactive Kiss fans with makeup, fragments of body parts, cupcakes, condoms and whatever else Wal-Mart sells all over the place.

It also marks the return of something else in September that only comes once every decade or so, a new Ace Frehley cd....taking that Frehley’s Comet thing a little too literally aren’t we Ace?

Anomaly looks promising from the one or two clips I have heard as does the Kiss disc but I am holding out 'til the release date to listen to full tracks as I decided to go old school with these releases.


So back to the Kiss release, we’re getting the new cd, re-recorded tracks with the current lineup, and a 6 song DVD from the show I am about to review here for you…Buenos Aries, Argentina. How’s that for a segue!

Ok, so without further ado… let’s get on the plane and head to Detroit, uh I mean Buenos Aries, Rock City!


Its April 5th, 2009 the location is Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, in Buenos Aries (don’t cry for me) Argentina (Did you honestly not expect an Evita joke to appear in this whole article?)  I also think if we translated this stadium name it would be Tony Vespucio’s Big Liberty Stadium….very Brooklyn if you ask me!


Reportedly 54,000 members of the Argentina Kiss Army were in attendance for this show. The tour dubbed the Alive 35 was in theory a good idea, as it seems bands nowadays are all doing an album front to back live, which I believe Cheap Trick started in 1999.


Now, nothing against this lineup as I fully support all eras and lineups of Kiss, but the Alive 25 tour would’ve been cooler in my opinion because it would have actually had the band who played on it performing on the tour in 1999 but that’s just me talking.


Even though most people were tired of the Alive outfits, it also struck me as odd that they wore the Destroyer/RARO/PC outfits and not the Alive ones, they switched the track order after 100,000 Years and last, but most importantly not least, they cut Firehouse and Rock Bottom from the set completely but played 6 other songs that had nothing to do with the Alive record.

If it were my choice I’d drop 2 songs from the encores and put the 2 missing tracks in the show so we get the complete Alive set .

Hopefully, that is the intention of the upcoming Cobo Hall shows in Sept.

Ok, so now lets move on (that’s what she told me) to the actual show at hand.



Deuce – That familiar low key rumble starts and excitement fills the air, but what most people don’t know is it’s not a keyboard sample, I’ve had secret sources tell me it’s a combination of Gene after he eats Mexican and mixed with thanks to Shannon Tweed’s help a montage of him snoring from Gene Simmons Family Jewels outtakes mixed in to make the Earth rumbling sound presented for us in 5.1 Dolby Digital Stereo.

I keed, I keed.


The camera does this odd we’re landing a plane effect and besides getting airsick I’m getting antsy. Ok, finally the YWTB intro is uttered and boom we’re off and running.

Deuce is still one of the best openers next to DRC and I Stole Your Love for me.

First thing I notice besides Paul’s new top from the Love Gun outfit (NICE!!) is that Paul’s guitar is way too high in the mix and seems either he is flubbing notes or is out of tune.

Paul, with all of his moving and dancing he does should be buried in the mix in case of errors. Gene’s first boo-boo happens next as Gene yells Santiago instead of Buenos Aries but hey I’ll cut him some slack, besides I’m sure I’ll have plenty of quips later for Bag & Laz Netto’s founder . Now, Gene is just over compensating for messing up saying Buenos Aires a few times too many. Ok, I thought about it and I just can’t let the fact go that he yelled out not only another city but from another country entirely.


Say what you want about the makeup stuff but Tommy really nails the Ace sound, solos, and tone that if you close your eyes it’s like Ace is there. One little drummer thing that I just have to comment on is the part Eric does with the cowbell before the bass slide….he never puts the bass drum part (quarter note on the foot) in but I know, I’m being picky.

Otherwise, pretty solid version here.



Strutter - No rock and roll party intro and without hesitation Eric’s kicks in with that familiar drum intro and we’re into Strutter. For some reason Deuce into Strutter is just that perfect 1-2 punch like DRC into King. They just work so damn well together. All sorts of sound issues with this show, now the drums are too high and Tommy’s solo is buried really low. We now also notice something that stays throughout the whole show is Eric’s mike is not audible at all. I’m in complete shock that this show aired on TV with such sound issues. Scary to notice the ramp looks like a large phallic shaped object… (Ahem) no Paul jokes please….


Got To Choose – Paul tries to speak to the crowd but those amazing South American crowds are loud as hell and serenade Kiss with a song. Paul gets through the same Spanish phrase he’s said since 1994 which h I won’t even attempt to try and spell or pronounce here. They launch into Got To Choose, which again since 1993-94 has been cut short on the intro part for some reason. Paul has some guitar difficulties and gets a guitar switch thanks to his tech but now it’s Paul’s turn to have vocal issue and his mike is so low it’s like Kiss Karaoke. Tommy is still buried in the mix for his solo. I would love to know if the sound in their monitors or the stadium were like this.


Hotter Than Hell – Pretty solid version here a few shaky notes and back ups but hey it’s live so what the hell….no Britney Spears sampled vocals here!

But, you do finally notice just how essential Eric’s backgrounds really are. Since Firehouse for some reason was cut from the show Gene spits the fire here at the end of HTH.













Nothin’ To Lose – Paul tries to intro the song but the crowd once again sings the soccer chant. Paul walks back up the ramp and goes to count into Nothin' To Lose but Paul messes up and we witness another flub. But like all good drummers do (can you tell I’m biased) Eric regroups them and recounts the intro and we’re into the song but not without more issues. Now I was not a fan of Eric singing lead on this when it’s a Gene song but this version thanks to a mike issue you get that classic Gene vocal but no call and response for the chorus. The Unplugged thing was cool especially seeing Eric and Peter do the song like Japan 77 with the whole call and response that he and Paul did but live I think things should be done the way they are on the cd as much as humanly possible. While I’m rambling on this song, I can’t believe they didn’t play this more when they did the reunion.



C’mon And Love Me – One of those under rated songs from Dressed To Kill. Still love this song and isn’t one of those overplayed songs in the catalog. Nice treat to hear this and they really smoke on this one. Next to Anything For My Baby it’s one of my top 3 from this cd.


Parasite – Eric has taken over for Paul’s high vocal part and Gene has been singing very low and monotone up until the “Go, ohhhh” part before the chorus part but with Eric’s vocal mike out, this sounds very funny with just the low harmony. This song still is a showcase for Eric Singer’s massive drum chops and I think I even detected a little bit of double bass.

This song is just a huge steamroller in the set.



She – Crowd starts this one off by singing the riff. Pretty decent version here even though to me this song really kills the pace of the set. Between the song and the extended “Let Me Know” outro jam is just too much always was even in ’75. But on the other side of the coin, I can’t imagine the song without the part either.  Tommy launches into a solo spot here and I have to say while some obvious full on Ace’s pieces are there like Beethoven’s 5th and the rockets, he does try to do his own spin on it. I do hope for Tommy’s sake on the new tour he does his solo after his song and comes up with his own effects and solo as opposed to just a hodge podge of Ace’s past solos.

I’d like to see Tommy be Tommy for his solo not be Ace Jr. He can play the leads in the songs not for note I love that about him but the solo is where he should shine as himself.


Watchin’ You - Another moldy oldie that just smokes live and wasn’t overplayed in recent years. I also really like that Paul and Gene (more Paul) made the effort to put the high part back in the “trying not to stare” part which was a nice treat. Another solid performance here with some great drumming from Gus Star...(the real die-hards will get that joke)



100,000 Years - Another song I’ve grown tired of personally and also I recently noticed how much this reminds me of School’s Out from the high octave guitar chords, bouncing bass line and drum pattern.  This song really lives up to its title because that’s how long it takes for it to end. Ok, I will say though there is one massive bright spot here, a kick ass Eric Singer drum solo. While it has some of the old 1975 Peter inspired tribal beats it also has this power to it and his chops are just flawless. I also like the Roger Taylor (Queen) nod of putting his foot on the floor tom to change the pitch of the drum. Last and certainly not least there is the whole double bass section as the kit smokes and rises in the air and reminds us that Eric Singer rules!

Paul returns to the stage and gets the crowd into a huge “hey” chant and by pumping his fists in the air, now if he only had weights in his hands he’d have a nice lil’ workout going.

Paul is really trying to use his high range a lot with the crowd which he hasn’t been able to do in years, and Eric tosses in some fast double kick at the end vamp of the song.


Cold Gin - Not the usual long winded intro for this classic, giving it a break in 2004 seemed to breathe some life into this number as well.  For the 1st verse Gene really sings it in full demon mode until “down and out” where he says Yeah Baby… if it’s one thing I wish Gene would stop is things like that and the dumb ass one-two dance he used to do during Revenge. I hope one day Sean Delaney’s ghost comes and visits Gene just to kick his ass back into Demon mode for at least one tour. I noticed Eric is getting a lot more liberal with the double kick during the bridge section too. I’m hoping this is a trend that will stay and they let him be more Eric than Peter.


Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll – Nice to see the tempo was kicked in the ass a bit from the last few years they played this.  Eric and Tommy really do shine on this and put back in all the old licks and fills that were missing since 75-76. This lineup did for the most part really get back to basics for this show. This is also the only time you kind of hear Eric Singer when he does his Kiss Loves You line and I guess he was up in the house mix but not in the truck where they mixed this TV version.


Black Diamond - Paul asks the crowd to move back since people were getting hurt and during this time we notice a cool thing. Eric Singer videoing some of the crowd on his phone and while I’m sure its very personal for him you can’t help but wish he’d upload that stuff to his site so we can get a peek into his vantage point during a gig. Paul teases the crowd wit ha bit of Stairway To Heaven and the crowd reacts big time and Paul has to divert their attention by asking If they know Black Diamond…maybe next time he’ll think before teasing a song like that LOL!!

Now comes the fun part I call Kiss Karaoke because as I stated earlier Eric’s vocal mike is not audible in this mix…so grab your choice of beverage or enhancement and have at it.

Just learn to play drums and maybe just maybe one day you too can be the Catman. LOL!



Rock And Roll All Nite – Paul again teases the crowd with some Latin America songs  which I don’t know the names of (Gwantan Amera?) either way it’s the same ones he teases all the time and it’s still pretty funny but not as funny as Gene’s vocal on the chorus of this overdone

show ender. I guess he’s attempting to preserve his voice but the low octave just sounds really odd. Tons of confetti, guitar breaks, yada yada but Gene messes up and doesn’t end when Paul cues the band but they recover quickly and save it.






Shout It Out Loud – Paul chats up with the crowd while Eric returns to the stage, they launch into Shout It. I love watching the South American crowd because they just get it and are completely insane bouncing up and down during the songs.  Second verse comes and Paul noticeably tries to get the soundman’s attention and it’s hard to see what he’s saying.

But wait, there’s more…..After the solo in a very rare, unprofessional but much warranted moment Paul tells the audience to sing and yells to the soundman “Turn Down The Bass” twice but that’s not the end of the problem cause Paul sings “turn it up louder” and I think the soundman took him literally so once the song ends Paul addresses him one last time to turn down “I Am Indy” Man in the monitor mix.



Lick It Up – Paul lets the crowd know this is about giving something a lick simple and to the point I guess. Again Gene’s vocals are really bad. Sounds like “Leak It Up, Leak It Up aaaahhhh ahhhhh ahh” but sounds really flat. Middle break comes and it’s sad when the smoke machine is louder than the band is. Now comes to a really cool part I loved that they added, sounds like Take It Off for a second but then it quickly segues into Won’t Get Fooled Again scream and all then back into Lick It Up just a really cool idea and my hat is off to whomever came up with the idea.

I do wish they’d bring back the LIU choreography though for the end of the song.



I Love It Loud – Blood barf and bass solo time here in Buenos Aries but we have a major SNAFU in the show, or the flying rig for that matter. While it’s scary beyond belief but since Gene is ok it’s also downright hilarious to see Gene dangling like a  Demon piñata, all we needed was a road crew member with a stick to come hit and watch the leftover Twinkie and cookie crumbs fall out of his carcass.

I Love It Loud is still a massive song down in South America as is anything off Creatures. They could do the whole cd and Argentina, Brasil, and Chile would all lose their minds. I feel the same about Kiss with Unmasked in Australia; if they chose to do more cuts off that album or as its called down under Dih Nas Tee they could do that as well.



I Was Made Lovin’ You – Speaking of Dynasty, that’s a nice segue into our next song.

It’s another big song overseas and even though I’m personally over it I recognize how it has to be played. But again it provides more Gene background vocals to snicker at. Listen closely at how he sings “Was” sounds like I Vuz Made, maybe it’s just funny to me I don’t know =)

Paul’s middle part is a little weak but he is trying his best to be faithful with the falsetto part but it’s just bad. A for effort though.



Love Gun – Paul has some vocal mike issue for a few second on the video mix as he tries to get everyone to chant his name to get him to fly out to for Love Gun.

Unlike Gene, Paul’s flying gear worked without issues. One thing I just noticed, late in the game is Gene added studs to his bass like his old model in 76, not as many as there were back then but it still looks badass.



Detroit Rock City – Paul talks to the crowd and intros DRC but a comment that went over my head was “Oh wow its 1995” not sure what’s the meaning but why am I looking for meaning where there is none as Gene once said in the 1977 interview Land Of Hype & Glory.

This is also another great crowd song, as they sing the riffs but the best part in when the solo comes, it’s still one of the main reasons I love watching the South America shows.

Lots of double kick at the end of the song and I have to say it’s good to see the chains loosened off Eric a little, A massive amount of fireworks are set off overhead like at most outdoor Kiss shows like Australia 1980 and Dodger Stadium and as corny as this is, they end the show with …wait for it ……yep you guessed it a big bang….or dare I say a sonic boom?





Overall I give this show a 7, while the performance isn’t bad the mix is horrible for the bass, then guitars and of course Eric’s vocal mike. How anyone in Argentina (since I doubt highly Kiss is to blame for this) could ever air such a horrible recording is beyond me.

I hope Kiss has a soundboard tape mixed so that can fix in later if they decide to release more of this show besides the 6 songs that are due to be release with Sonic The Hedge hog Boom (my friend Pete Madison came up with that little clever line and had me laughing for a few minutes so I had to share that one with you all.


Last, before I end this article up I would like to say thanks to the guys at the Kiss Podkist for all the entertaining shows they do, It is always fun to listen to them while I write once my notes are taken from the DVD I’m reviewing.

Also, a massive shout (it) out (loud) to the past readers and all the Kiss FAQers who asked about the article or my whereabouts as it is appreciated and nice to know people enjoy the goofy shit I write.

So, until next time. Keep your hands in your pocket and keep reaching…on second thought don’t bother reaching for anything, because your hands are in your pocket.


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