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A short note and about

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As some of you may have heard, in early november a number of KISS fan based websites have been contacted by lawyers employed by KISS.

In light of that I have the follwoing statement, which has always been my set of rules anyway:

This site does not promote or sell any bootlegged material. The only purpose is to share my personal creations with fellow KISS fans to enhance their own collection. If anything is for (re-)sale on this site it will always be an official KISS product, not any bootlegged material like t-shirts, audio recordings etc... 
My intentions have been and will be just to celebrate the band that I love in all it's incarnations and to respect the owners of their resepective works.... one thing is ofcourse that I am a nut for audio recordings and video material that has not been released officially (yet).
If any other site wants to put a link on his/her site to my site, just request 'permission' so that I can assess if such a link might compromise my intentions.

The last years I have seen plenty of times that people sell KISS audio and video recordings on websites, ebay, record fairs and even retail stores that make use of covers I created. I will and cannot take any responsibility from damages or copyright infringement from these action! 

The downtime of this site had nothing to do with that but was a technical issue that has been solved. Continue to enjoy the site and it's contents!

Takce care,


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